There are a lot of questions you may have about Employment Relations, so we have put together the most frequently asked questions and answered them.

  • How much does bossed charge?
    Our standard rate is $250 per hour. For employees with personal grievances your fees will be sought from your employer and will often be negotiated as part of a settlement agreement. If you are an employer call us on 0800 bossed to discuss your requirements.
    However, in case of an employee engaging our services we will negotiate your legal charges into the settlement and you don't have to worry about payment.
    We do NOT take our legal charges out of your payout based on a percentage.
  • Are there any hidden costs
    No, our promise is no costs to an employee and a clear pricing structure for employers. Start with your FREE consultation by calling the leading employment representatives on 0800 bossed
  • What is the employment relations act?
    The Employment Relations Act 2000 is the legislation that governs and outlines the relationships between employees and employers. This includes frameworks for unions and individual agreements. Additionally it covers a framework that supports dispute resolution.
  • Redundancy - Meaning and Definition

    Redundancy is where a business deems a position to be no longer required. To hear more about what makes a genuine redundancy and the process involved with consultation and selection call us on 0800 bossed.

    Redundancy is the process of disestablishing a role within a business due to it not being required any longer. As an employer it is important to follow the correct process to ensure you are treating your employees fairly and doing the right things legally. As an employee you want to be treated with respect and get the opportunities that you are owed even in such a difficult time. For support and advice call 0800 bossed

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