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We provide nationwide advice and representation to employees and employers dealing with workplace issues, disputes and grievances. 

Are you an employer experiencing a workplace issue?

If you’re experiencing an issue with your employee this can cause anxiety and stress, especially when you're unsure what to do next. 

Give one of our team members a call on 0800 BOSSED and we'll discuss your matter further and look at how we may be able to assist you.

We're familiar with the resolution process and well-versed in employment law, meaning you can feel confident that we will obtain the best outcome for you and your business.  

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Our process

Step 1


Complete one of our online forms or give the friendly team a call on 0800 BOSSED. We'll discuss your situtation in further detail, and advise on how we can assist.

Step 2

Settlement Talks

We'll contact your employer on your behalf, and dicuss options to resolve your workplace problem/s. This might include attending a disciplinary meeting, negotiating an exit agreement or negotiating a settlement.

Step 3


If we are unable to reach a settlement with the employer, a request for Mediation will be filed with Mediation Services, who are operated through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

Step 4


If we are unable to reach a settlement during mediaton, or the employer refuses to attend mediation, the next step in the process is to file with the Employment Relations Authority.

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