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How can bossed help you with your workplace issues? 

How can we help?

bossed is a specialist employment relations agency. Our team of experts provide nationwide advice and representation to both employees and employers dealing with workplace issues, disputes and grievances. 

We also offer strategic and technical HR/ER services to employers, operating as an on-call HR/ER expert or an extension of your in-house HR team.  All of our ER Managers are highly experienced HR/ER practitioners with excellent people skills and knowledge of NZ employment law. 

Whether you just need basic advice over the phone, an advocate at mediation or a specialist to implement massive organisational change, bossed is here to help.

icon 1 Step 1: Consultation

Complete one of our online forms or give the friendly team a call on 0800 BOSSED. We'll discuss your situation in further detail, and advise on how we can assist.

icon 2 Step 2: Settlement Talks

We'll contact your employer on your behalf, and discuss options to resolve your workplace problem/s. This might include attending a disciplinary meeting, negotiating an exit agreement or negotiating a settlement.

icon 3 Step 3: Mediation

If we are unable to reach a settlement with the employer, a request for Mediation will be filed with Mediation Services, who are operated through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

icon 4 Step 4: ERA

If we are unable to reach a settlement during mediaton, or the employer refuses to attend mediation, the next step in the process is to file with the Employment Relations Authority.


  • Employee absenteeism in the workplace. Definition and Meaning
    Frequent absences from work for any reason can put enormous stress on a business if not managed. To reduce absenteeism rates it is important to first identify the reasons for the employees absence. Refer to our services page for further information.
    Absenteeism in a workplace can become a real issue when the same employee/employees are absent on a regular basis without prior approval, knowledge or good reason. It is difficult for an employer to manage an employee that consistently does not turn up to work, and it effects not just one role in a business. There can be any number of reasons for the absences and dealing with absent employees can be difficult, but for an employer it is most important to manage it.
  • Redundancy - Meaning and Definition

    Redundancy is where a business deems a position to be no longer required. To hear more about what makes a genuine redundancy and the process involved with consultation and selection call us on 0800 bossed.

    Redundancy is the process of disestablishing a role within a business due to it not being required any longer. As an employer it is important to follow the correct process to ensure you are treating your employees fairly and doing the right things legally. As an employee you want to be treated with respect and get the opportunities that you are owed even in such a difficult time. For support and advice call 0800 bossed
  • How much does bossed charge?
    Our standard rate is $250 per hour. For employees with personal grievances your fees will be sought from your employer and will often be negotiated as part of a settlement agreement. If you are an employer call us on 0800 bossed to discuss your requirements.
    However, in case of an employee engaging our services we will negotiate your legal charges into the settlement and you don't have to worry about payment.
    We do NOT take our legal charges out of your payout based on a percentage.
  • Are there any hidden costs
    No, our promise is no costs to an employee and a clear pricing structure for employers. Start with your FREE consultation by calling the leading employment representatives on 0800 bossed
  • Does bossed represent Employees or Employers?

    bossed can represent either the an employee or employer. Our team is made up of the leading industry experts that are able to cater to either group. Our specially customised ER case software allows us to ensure that we can cross-check all our clients to ensure we don’t get in a situation of a conflict of interest between two parties.

  • What is the employment relations act?
    The Employment Relations Act 2000 is the legislation that governs and outlines the relationships between employees and employers. This includes frameworks for unions and individual agreements. Additionally it covers a framework that supports dispute resolution.

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