The bossed difference

The difference between bossed and 'no win no fee' organisations 

Price Structure

We will provide you a free consultation to discuss the options for resolving your case and the likelihood of success.

If you choose bossed to represent you in your matter, our pricing structure is as follows:


If you are an employee making a personal grievance claim against your employer, you won't pay for our service and we will not take a percentage of any pay-out.

We'll negotiate payment for our services (your representation costs) into any settlement between you and your employer. This means you will receive your full compensation and our fees will be paid by your ex-employer separately.


We charge an hourly rate unless otherwise agreed. As well as representing employers in disputes, we offer many other employment relations services. Employers can trust that bossed only get paid for the actual work that we do – no subscription fees and no contracts.

You can trust that bossed will make every effort to resolve your dispute as quickly and painlessly as possible whilst also ensuring you get the best outcome. There is no advantage to us or our clients to drag things out, or to settle too quickly, the process will take as long as it needs to take. When your issue is fairly resolved it means you can move on with your life and we can move onto helping the next person who needs us.


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