Personal grievance

Confronting your employer about an issue you have with them can be immensely stressful - luckily the friendly team at bossed are here to help you through it. 

What is a PG?

A Personal Grievance or ‘PG’ is a formal complaint made by an employee against their current or former employer.  Personal Grievances are usually raised when other informal problem-solving methods such as talking have failed to resolve an issue.

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What to be aware of when raising a Personal Grievance

Raising a Personal Grievance is the first step in making a legal claim against your employer with the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) although it doesn't always end up going that far.  Generally, it needs to be raised within 90 days of the issue occurring and is best put in writing. It is important that you raise your grievance clearly and with the right amount of detail in case legal action is required in the future.

What are the grounds for making a claim?

Personal grievance claims can include but are not limited to:

  • bullying at work

  • sexual harassment

  • racial harassment 

  • discrimination

  • unjustifiable action that disadvantages you

  • unjustifiable dismissal

  • duress due to union membership

How much will it cost?

In most cases, our help won’t cost employees/individuals anything.  When you first make contact, we will provide a free 15 minute consultation and confidential advice about your situation.  If your problem requires dedicated support from our team and/or formal representation we will aim to ensure any fees are covered by your employer. 

How can bossed help me?

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