Breach of contract

A breach of contract occurs when the employer or the employee do not hold true to the agreed terms and conditions of the employment contract. 

How may have an employer breached your contract?

If your employer goes against any of the terms of your employment agreement (or the minimum standards provided for by law), they have breached your contract and you have reason for a personal grievance claim.

Terms or clauses that are most commonly breached by employers include:

  • Work hours

  • Wages/salary

  • Holiday pay entitlements

  • Acting in good faith

  • Health and safety

  • Disciplinary process including written and verbal warnings

What does it cost?

In most cases, our help won’t cost employees/individuals anything.  When you first make contact, we will provide a free  15 minute consultation and confidential advice about your situation.  If your problem requires dedicated support from our team and/or formal representation we will aim to ensure any fees are covered by your employer. Have more questions? Click below to read more about the difference between bossed and 'no win no fee' organisations:

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